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ATN designs

Counted Cross-stitch designs by Ann Taylor Nelson.

Charts are $8 each. Please email your order or any questions to nelsonart@nelsonart.net

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Town Square

A beautiful symmetrical tree of life surrounded by a sampler of houses worked in soft colors. Gothic windows, flowers, window boxes and fenced gardens make one house more appealing than the next.

Stitch Count 111 X 145


Victorian Houses

Inspired by the homes of the early 1800s, this quaint design is worked in soft antique colors. Each house may be used alone or as a completed sampler.

Stitch Count 196 X 74




Beginning and ending with love, the America chart says it all. From stars and stripes to the 4th of July fireworks, this is America.

Stitch Count 322 X 41


My Other House

Packages two entirely different ideas. The log cabin borders the excuse we would all love to use... My other house is immaculate. The second chart reminds us of newly restored row houses. It would be difficult to decide which one would be my other house.

Two Charts
Stitch Count 90 X 127


Country Borders

Hearts, houses and folk art border this four way design . It is especially classic worked in just two colors.

Stitch Count 131 X 131

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